Naa-Pakistan Independence Day


drop_paki_flag2.jpgThe 14th of August marks yet another year of Pakistan “Zindabadland’s” existence. It is unfortunate that all these years later we Muslims have still not learnt a lesson and still believe in nationalism not Islamic Unity, a concept that is clearly contradictory to Islam. Nationalism is an alien concept to Islam because it calls for unity based on family, tribalistic and territorial (political) boundary, While Islam on the other hand binds people together on the ‘Aqeedah’ Iman-belief in Allah (swt) and His Messenger Muhammad (saw). Islam therefore calls for an ideological bond.

Establishing relationship or grouping together on something other than Islam is clearly forbidden, this is stated in many ahadith: The Prophet Muhammad (saw) has narrated: “Undoubtedly Allah (swt) has removed from you the pride and arrogance of the time of Jahilliyah (ignorance) and the glorification of the ancestors. Now people are only of two kinds. Either believers who are aware or transgressors who do wrong. You are all the children of Adam (as) and Adam (as) was from clay. People should give up their pride in nations because that is a Coal from the Coals of Hell-Fire. If they do not give this up Allah (swt) will consider them lower than the lowly beetle which pushes itself through Khus (dung)” The Messenger of Allah (saw) said,“He who calls for (nationalism, tribalism or ancestors)’assabiyah’ is as if he bit his father’s genital” (Mishkat al-Masabih) Also another hadith states “He is not one of us who calls for ‘assabiyah’-nationalism, or who fights for ‘assabiyah’ or dies for ‘assabiyah’.” (Abu-Daud)

This is the same disease that the West used to turn one Muslim against another and which resulted in destroying the Islamic State (Khilafah) in 1924, now of course it has spread to the subcontinent in newly formed Pakistan.

The Muslims who died in the massacres leading up to the SO CALLED INDEPENDENCE were misled into thinking that their sacrifices were being made for a Muslim homeland with rule coming from none but Allah (swt). Millions of Muslim lives were destroyed while our brothers and sisters emigrated to what they believed to be their MUSLIM homeland where ISLAM will be the law of the street. Their property, their businesses, their families, relatives, friends and much more were left behind simply because they had a Dream to live in Pakistan, a country where there would be nothing but Islamic ruling. Their story is very similar to what the Sahabah (ra) did in Makkah. They left everything behind and moved to Madinah so they would establish Islam, practice it as a nation (ummah) and carry it to the rest of the humanity BUT ALAS THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA WERE FOOLED AND THEIR LIVES, HONOR, PROPERTIES, WEALTH, BUSINESSES AND SACRIFICES WERE WASTED AND USED IN THE NAME OF ISLAM FOR A ‘wishful poetic dreamland’ AND ULTIMATELY DIVIDED THE MUSLIM UMMAH FARTHER APART.

The basis for Pakistan had already been laid down before so called independence was declared. It was NOT the intention of the founding fathers of Pakistan for it to be an Islamic State. Pakistan was to be a SECULAR STATE, on May 16th, 1946 the British Raj formulated a constitution for the state of Pakistan that was to be created called the “British Cabinet Plan“. On August 14th 1947, Jinnah obediently followed his masters, the British, and implemented the Cabinet Mission Plan, as the State Structure for Pakistan. Just three days after independence, Jinnah addressed the Assembly of Pakistan, “..we will find that in the course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims will cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense because that is the faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State” (A.K Brohi, Fundamental Law of Pakistan, 1st Ed, 1958,pg938). What was meant to have been a country created in the name of Islam was in reality just another colony of the British Raj, the chant was for Pakistan Zindabad, not Allah-Akbar, a call for nationalism which led to even further humiliation when the state of Bangladesh was formed.

In this short history of Pakistan many leaders have come and gone, each has promised much but done little but implement kufr ideas of secularism, socialism, freedom and capitalism/democracy. The word Islam remained absent and had no place there. Over fifty-two years on the corruption and suffering continues, new stories emerge every day of kidnappings, rapes and murders. Yet again the Muslims in Pakistan are calling for partition with demands for independent Balochi and Sindhi states. Soobhan-Allah-is this what the Muslims died, lost honor and everything else for and are still suffering for?

Brothers and sisters it is time that the Ummah stops relying on nationalism solutions to solve their problems and turns to rule from Allah (swt). It is time to expose the rulers, we are warned in the Qu’ran, “Anyone who judges other than with what Allah has revealed such are the kafireen (disbelievers)” (5: 47) The time has come to become the “best nation sent to Mankind” as Allah (swt) describes in the Qu’ran. We have to breakdown these international boarders imposed between one Muslim and another, we have to make the Muslims armies defend our helpless brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo ,Chechnya and Kashmir.

O Muslims, remember that the rulers in the Muslim countries are nothing more than the puppets of the West (look at them, they remain silent while all these ATROCITIES are being committed against the Muslim Ummah all over the world because they are scared of answering to their MASTERS, America and Britain).


We have to break away from the false leaders and unite ourselves under the flag of “LA-ILLAHA ILALLAH” and make the world witness the call of “ALLAH-AKBAR”.We must not forget the ayahs, “This your Ummah is one Ummah and I am your Lord therefore serve Me (and none other,” ” And hold onto the rope of Allah and do not separate.” (3:102)

The Prophet(saw) said, in various hadiths that The Muslim Ummah is a unique ummah among the whole of mankind: Their Land is one, their War is one, their Peace is one, their Honor is one and their Trust is one.

Unity, liberation and ruling according to Islam can only be achieved in one state, with one Khilafah. It is narrated in sahih Muslim, Abdullah bin Amr ibn Al-As said that, “the Prophet (saw) says “He who gives the baiya (allegiance) to an Imam (Khalifah) giving him the clasp of his hand and the fruit of his heart to obey him as long as he can. If another comes to dispute with him (his authority) strike the neck of that person”.

This hadith clearly proves that we cannot have more than one state, so it is haram to have more than 57 individual states. This unity of Muslims was clearly highlighted in the document of the Messenger of Allah (saw) wrote when he established the Islamic State in Medina, The Messenger of Allah said regarding the Muslims: “Allah’s covenant among them is one, believers are brothers to the exclusion of others, the peace of the believers is indivisible. No separate peace shall be made when believers are fighting in the path of Allah (swt)“

This statement clearly indicates the Muslim Ummah is one body and they are not to be treated separately. Islam therefore, leaves no room for the Saudi, Egyptian or Pakistani state. Islam calls for only one state with one ruler where all Muslims are tied together by the Aqeedah of Islam.

The real work for the Ummah today is to work hard with our time, wealth and all our efforts against this Jahilliyah concept of nationalism, and get unite based on the Aqeedah of Islam. The Sahabah faced great hardship with persecution and boycott, but never did they compromise, never did they falter in the struggle to change the Jahilliyah concepts in seeking of Allah’s pleasure.

O Muslims! Our call now is to change the ignorant disbelieving concept of nationalism, and bring back the Shari’ah under the shade of the Khilafah, not to sit back and accept the Munkar in our midst. O Muslims! Remember the call of Allah (SWT): ” Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates or your kindred; the wealth that you have gained; the commerce in which you fear a decline or the dwellings in which you delight – are dearer to you than Allah, or His Apostle, or the striving in His cause; – then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious.” (9:24)


A time for thought.

A time for change.

A time for action.

We must bring change through an intellectual and a political struggle.


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