Night Operations! A big endowment of the government

The new coalition government inside Kabul was set up with signing the ‘Bilateral Security Agreement’ of enslaving Afghanistan and the initiation of a new series of night operations. With the combination of adversaries and selection of a coalition government, not only extended the oppressions of the spiteful era of Karzai rather it instigated once again those night operations in various parts of the country which were reduced to some extent in the closing year of Karzai regime. A new sequence of killing, wounding, arresting and expelling the innocent countrymen under the lame excuse of Taliban was launched both by the brutal foreign invaders and their internal mercenary so called security forces.In the recent past, very ruthless and wide range operations were carried out in the civilian populated areas by the foreign occupiers and the stooge soldiers of the newly formed coalition regime. The Jihad and Mujahid nourishing region of ‘Nangarhar’ province was one those areas which have badly suffered from these night raids.On Tuesday 2nd December, the foreign invaders and the internal stooge forces ruthlessly raided the ‘Memli’ area of ‘Khogyany’ district of Nangarhar province. In this night raid, which consecutively lasted on 3rd December too, heavy losses were inflicted on the civilian people. During these operations four ordinary people were martyred and one hundred civilians including children and aged-people were incarcerated by the savage invaders. A substantial amount of women’s ornaments and cash amount was also stolen during these search operations.Similarly, one day prior to this night raid, two civilians were martyred and eighty others were arrested and taken away as prisoners by the foreign occupying forces collaborated by their Afghan stooge soldiers.On 25th November, the ‘Spin Kamar’ area of ‘Naziyan’ district of this province was indiscriminately bombed by the foreign invaders during their operations. According to the local people, seven civilians including women and children were martyred in these savage bombing and two others were wounded.Similarly, the ordinary people inside ‘Zagho’ area of ‘Chaprihar’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province were severely tortured in the joint operations of the foreign invaders and the mercenary soldiers of the stooge regime. According to the eye-witnesses, two ordinary people were martyred, houses were searched and one hundred innocent citizens were incarcerated.Night operations and night raids are those petrifying terms that youngsters and aged people, men and women all over the country are familiar with them. Thousands of innocent civilians were martyred and tens of thousands others were incarcerated by the foreign invaders with the collaboration of their mercenary internal soldiers and spies in these kinds of brutal operations during the span of previous thirteen years of occupation.Houses and villages have been completely demolished; women, children, aged and young people have been killed both individually and collectively. Women and children have been bitten by dogs. The infidel foreign soldiers have violated our mosques; they have searched and desecrated the copies of the Holy Quran. Such acts have been carried out that only curse can be imprecated on the perpetrators in the human terminology!While observing these anti-human, anti-civilization, barbaric and illegitimate night operations, it is a great regret and pity that the newly selected astute president of the country, instead of healing the wounds of the oppressed nation, supports and confirms these acts of brutality and barbarism!!!


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