Dozens of Muslim clerics face being silenced by new anti-Islamic democratic orders

British prime-minister Cameron has introduced new anti-Islamic democratic orders to silence Muslim preachers, reports The Daily Mail.

Government officials identified 25 Muslim preachers who face being silenced with new orders, it revealed.

The Cameron’s office is to introduce the new civil powers, based on a dramatically revised definition of thought crimes, to target peaceful preachers.

The orders will bar people from preaching messages of anti-democratic ideas and from entering specific venues, such as mosques or community halls – in a similar manner to the orders used to ban yobs from certain areas.

The measures are part of an anti-Islamic task force set up by Cameron.

As part of the new package of power to tackle anti-democratic ideas, the government is also working with internet firms to remove websites including material that would be illegal if published in the freedom-loving UK.

Filters being made standard for web users to block “wrong” ideas will also be expanded to block Islamic material.

Speaking as he unveiled his true democracy’s plans Cameron boasted:

“We have already put in place some of the toughest controls in the democratic world, but we must work harder. The task force I set up has proposed a broad range of measures. When you look at this report, you can see a very clear analysis, a very clear definition what it is that we need to tackle. There are just too many people who have been in contact with preachers, who have come across material on the internet who haven’t been sufficiently challenged.’

The anti-Islamic task force includes home secretary May, deputy premier Clegg, minister for “faith” Warsi, and has taken advice from repressive police and spy chiefs.

Other proposals include legally requiring intervention by local authorities in 30 areas identified as hotspots.

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