Westgate attack in Kenya: Police should cooperate with the Muslim communities Indiscriminately

Some disturbing reports indicate that a number of Muslims who had been injured in the attack and had been admitted at Aga Khan Hospital were last night picked from their hospital beds and taken to yet unknown locations for interrogation.

imageThere are being taken as suspects just on the basis of their names. One of those who has been taken into custody and according to the family is being held at the Armed Forces memorial Hospital is a family driver who had taken the family for shopping at the mall. He was shot as he went into the Mall on a daring mission to rescue the kids.

This was a murderous act which as I stated earlier cannot not in any way be justified by the murderers who committed the grotesque and beastly act. Muslims were also among the victims and two people of Somali descent who had gone shopping are among the dead. It is more likely that these numbers will rise. Several of them were also injured by the attackers whose only goal was to kill and maim and leave in it’s waken death and destruction.

While we support the police efforts to smoke out these murderous gangs and ensure that justice is served, at the same time they should be fair and just and ensure that they do not take actions which could be seen that a particular community is being targeted.

At the same time, all Muslims should join other Kenyans in condemning these beastly acts and also join the blood donation campaign to save the myriads of Kenyans who have been injured. These killers are murderous gangs and are a shame and disgust to Islam. They should not in any way associate their actions with Islam, Islam and Muslims are innocent of this despicable act which targeted the innocent including defenceless women and children.


Abu Ayman
UMBS member in Kenya

View the original Downsum source here


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