Rihanna photo shoot in Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi causes furore | -Asia-

Mosque authorities of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque center in Abu Dhabi asked renowned singer Rihanna to leave the mosque premises after being displeased by the singer’s increasingly inappropriate poses for a photo shoot in front of the mosque.

imageThe famous singer who landed in Abu Dhabi for a performance got people talking for the wrong reasons when she posted pictures on Instagram of her posing outside the mosque.

Rihanna, who is notorious for her revealing clothes, visited the mosque covered up in a black hood and jumpsuit. Though her clothes were respectful of the place, her high fashion pose struck the wrong chord. Several people found it disrespectful and took to social media to express their frustration. The singer was asked to leave when her conduct became against the rules and regulations meant to respect the sacredness of the mosque.

In a statement issued in Arabic, the mosque authorities said that ‘a prominent singer’ was asked to leave because of the inappropriateness of her photographs and poses. The singer had not made any arrangements for her visit or her photo shoot with the management of the mosque.

The statement also mentioned that the mosque doors were open to visitors of all religions and backgrounds and that the mosque visitors must not disrespect the ‘religious nature’ of the location, reported Gulf News.

View the original Downsum source here


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