Beating the drums of war against Syria

The Al-Jazeerah correspondent in Lebanon said that more than 10 thousand Syrians had crossed over the border into Lebanon in the past 24 hours as a result of the anticipated attack upon Syria. This is whilst Jordanian officials have stated that the influx of a huge number of refugees into Jordan from Syria is posing a ‘great strain’ upon the ‘scarce’ water supplies just as it putting pressure upon power supplies in addition to increasing the costs of housing, wages and education.Comment:From here, from the land of the revolution of Ash-Shaam, it is necessary to make clear that these media outlets are beating the drums of war. They are the ones who have helped to drag Egypt in to chaos, they are the ones who are stoking flames in Tunisia, sedated the revolution in Yemen and the very same media who has been fabricating the reality about us here in Ash-Shaam. So now they have made the claim that thousands of Syrians have fled Syria because the West is planning to strike!

What is this fabrication and deception? It is as if Syria before this was peaceful and tranquil under the rule of its despot and that the people are now fleeing due to their fear of the western threats to the criminal regime in it. And no one has fled except for the state Shabeehah (murderous thugs) and their stooges along with those who would raise the slogans in support of the Russians. Has the world forgotten and especially its hired media outlets that we bury one hundred Shaheed on a daily basis? Including children and women who have committed to crime except for living under the oppressive rule of this tyranny!

Is the only problem the use of chemicals against us? Is that which is less than chemicals like the cluster and spatial bombs that fell only two weeks ago in the palace gardens in Halab or the Scud missiles or mass explosives or the torture and slaughtering of children all permissible? Or does the humanity of the disbelieving capitalist democratic west not awaken except when chemicals are used? And indeed even after its repetitive use which was exposed by those who plot against America and her agent in Syria?

The human rights that America, Britain and their stooges proclaim are truly evil and the words that come from their mouths used to fool and deceive us here in Ash-Shaam are evil. They are the ones who are killing us, they have not only given the greenest of green lights to the regime but have aided it by providing it with all the technology they need and all the information they require and the visit of the German head of intelligence to the regime is not far from our memories.

The western dirtiness has reached its full and maximum in respect to helping this wretched regime and this has been by exerting its efforts to direct all of the eyes of the world towards the military strike being as a result of the chemical attack in Ghoutah. This is to complete the diverting of the eyes from what is happening in all of the other provinces and in particular the city of Homs. This city which has suffered from the beginning of the revolution what it has suffered in terms of killing, arrests, homelessness and mass destruction whilst the people of ‘humanity’ in the West have not moved an inch and have remained in silence. Right now the criminal regime is exploiting the fact that the eyes are focused on the chemical situation and the western threats and it is readying itself for campaigns to raid the city and to increase its military operations. It is apparent that all of this will happen with the blessings of the chivalrous people in the western democratic states who only shed tears for those who are killed by chemicals alone!

Here in Ash-Shaam I hear and witness the indifference of the people of revolution in regards to this news because they are certain that the matter lies in Allah’s hands alone and whether the west strikes or does not strike that this regime has already fallen in their eyes and that nothing remains except for it be finished off by the sincere revolutionaries. However I would like to remind some who have weakness inside themselves that Allah does not change a people until they change that which is within them. Therefore this regime will never fall unless it is by the hands that have Tawakkul (reliance) upon Allah alone and this land will never attain any value unless it is announced as the Khilafah upon the path of the Prophethood, which will be soon by the permission of Allah.

Hisham Al-Baba, Head of the media office of Hizb ut Tahrir in the Wilayah of Syria.

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