The Ummah: When Under One Identity We Lived

By Abdullah Intekhab

sl-foto-The Ummah-When-Under-One-Identity-We-Lived-00308

I RECENTLY came across these amazing words by Iqbal and have since reconsidered my whole world-view:


A European man revealed a secret,

Although the wise do not reveal the core of the matter

Democracy is a form of government in which

Men are counted and not weighed

We live in a liberal democratic world; a world where everything is enumerated and ergo quantifiable. A man is worth only as much as a number assigned to him by worldly give and takes. Like Oscar Wilde said all those decades ago: “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” If only Mr. Wilde knew how his words would come to fruition.

Whatever happens around us is dictated by man’s whimsical inclinations. We do whatever tickles our fancy, not necessarily something that’s right. And that’s wherein the Pandora of all our problems lies! Man by nature is fidgety and insecure in his decision making – we make one decision and when that backfires we make a million others to rectify that one just to see ALL of them backfiring on us together.

Returning back to the verses I began with: there’s something strange happening around me, the world is going somewhere but it’s leaving common sense and logic behind. In fact, common sense was trampled to death in the rush and logical reasoning committed suicide a while back. Decisions made by man appease man – but which men in particular? The ones in power obviously… duh!

We’re desensitized by this system that works in its own withering ways. The family is dead – there’s no such thing as shame no more. Modesty is a word used to describe the “backward” people, because we’re now LIBERAL, we’re FREEEEE. Or, are we? Really?

What kind of system this is that fosters, nay, encourages, such gross and crass imperfections – such an imbalance of human condition has never existed in the history of mankind the likes of which is rampant in this “modern” “civilized” world. All because of men following their whims – men of power following their desires. Paining-by-Jackson-Pollock- Sold-to-David-Martinez

I fail to comprehend the people of this planet, especially those who claim to be the flag bearers of civilization and decency and humanity, when they can spend 148.1 million dollars on this: 

(And no, this is not a joke, this is a real painting REALLY sold for 148.1 million dollars in 2006)

1: Paining by Jackson Pollock (1948) Sold to David Martinez in 2006 for 148.1m

While just a thousand or so miles away THIS is happening:(innalillah hi wainnailaihirajioon)

A-disease-ridden-fatigued-and-underfed-African-child2: A disease ridden, fatigued and underfed African child (most probably born to a Muslim family)

Who is there to blame? Who do I go shoot for all of this? Does your blood not boil over? Is any of this fair? No, but then life is not fair, right! And this is but the tip of the iceberg, the world is a horrible place to live in right now. I’m afraid for the generations that are to follow because before they could even come to realize and appreciate things like ridiculously expensive doodles and people dying of hunger in Africa, they’ll have to face crimes and indecency and inflation and cruelty and injustice and so much more. Who is then to blame?

It’s simple. Us! We are to blame.

When we started conforming ourselves to someone else’s preconceived notions of reality, someone else’s ideals of prosperity and civilization – when we convinced ourselves that following someone’s else way will lead us to OUR destination. How does that even make any sense, beats me!

There’s a reason for why we are to blame because there was a time when things were better. When under one banner lived every nation, irrespective of colour or race. Everyone had food to eat, shelter to stay and clothes to put on – the roads were paved the streets were lit; the populace were thriving in knowledge and were making extraordinary leaps in technology. The rulers were just, the armies kind – neighbours happy and even the enemies paid their homage to these people. Who were these people? Did they even exist or is it all just a myth?

“The empire of the Caliphs seems to have been the first state under which the world enjoyed that degree of tranquility which the cultivation of the sciences requires. That tranquility, which their mild, just and religious government diffused over their vast empire, revived the curiosity of mankind, to inquire into the connecting principles of nature." Adam Smith

These were the Muslims and that was the Islamic Empire – the first and only of its kind. The Golden Age of this little blue dot we call Earth. What did they have that we don’t, what is it that they were doing that everything turned out so perfectly for them? Again I’ll go to Mr. Iqbal for elaboration of this “why”:

They were honourable in the lands for their Islam

And you are humiliated for abandoning the Qur’an

I can’t see the need for any further elaboration on this. This a very humble call for all of us to get back to our roots, to create an awareness in and around us that Allah’s law is the only law that assures success. History is a witness to that and so shall be the future, in’sha’Allah. Allah makes His promises and doesn’t break them, Allah has ensured victory for the believers but being a believer doesn’t mean to simply say the Kalma or pray or fast. Being a believer explicitlyimplies implementing Allah’s system in our lives and our society because this is the only salvation for the sinking ship of humanity. We the Muslims share common roots, all of us. Any Muslim anywhere in the world can and SHOULD find his/her roots in the desert sands of Arabia where the companions gave sacrifices and were martyred and tortured and were made homeless – all to establish this Qur’an, this system. Mind you, Islam is not just a set of worships, it’s a complete way of life a perfect code to live by.And the reason we are in this predicament can be understood by this beautiful quote by the Second Rightly Guided Caliph Umar (radhi’Allahuanhu):

“We were a people who lived in humiliation and then Allah gave us honour through Islam. Accordingly, if we were to seek honour through anything other than Islam, Allah would humiliate us once again.”

We left Allah’s religion and looked to seek honour through someone else’s ideologies; it’s no surprise that Allah has humiliated us. It is high time we OWNED our religion; it is time we owned Islam. Allah has promised us victory and Allah doesn’t lie. Let there not be a single child who goes hungry to bed, let their not be a single sister who fears for her honour, let their not be a brother who can’t earn for his family, let their not be a mother who cries. We’re the keepers of this Ummah and no, Allah doesn’t lie!

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The Ummah: When Under One Identity We Lived


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